TechneFutbol Subscription for All NSC players

During the COVID-19 NSC has purchased a Club License for TechneFutbol App Through 9/24/2020

What is TECHNEFUTBOL? is an online training mobile app for developing technical skills.

In order to, get access to the app under the NSC subscription please contact your coach.

Ideas for Coaches To Motivate Your Players

Hello Coaches,

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to get their players added this week.  We are getting closer to 100% of invitations going out and achieving “no player left behind”. 😊


I wanted to share with you some ideas on how to get players to engage in using the app.  If you have other ideas, please let me know and I will forward out to the group. I’m sure there a lot more than just these!


  1. Solicit your parents for support.  Coaches should email the parents and stress the importance of using this app in the coming weeks/months of quarantine.  For a lot of kids this will be their only opportunity to get touches on the ball before tryouts happen. Ask the parents to strongly encourage their players to set goals each week and then hold them accountable for reaching those goals.  I know for my own household, Techne time has to be logged by the end of the day or the electronics are in jeopardy the following day. A reasonable goal is 10-20 minutes per day.
  2. Set team goals within the app.  Sky is the limit here, but if you can set reasonable goals for the team to achieve and then follow through with them (maybe a Zoom meeting to check in at the end of the week?) they will be more motivated to work towards those goals.
  3. Prizes. This will only work for certain ages/teams, but it’s worth a shot. I have weekly prizes I am offering up to my team that I will ship directly from Amazon to their house.
  4. Compete against another NSC team.  Is there a certain team or two that your teams likes to scrimmage or compete against?  Work with another coach to hold a competition one week.  My team enjoys scrimmaging the G07 Green team, so next week we will challenge them to a “Most Time Logged” battle.  Or pick a few Time Trials that you can compete for bragging rights against another team. This will probably be one of the most effective motivators for most kids.


We are also going to a post a daily Time Trial challenge for NSC players on our NSC homepage and on social media (attached).  Players can use this to focus their effort on one or two areas each day and try to work their way to the top of the club (or team).  Each Sunday afternoon we will also be posting the Top 8 NSC teams in Time Logged to our NSC Facebook page. Let your parents know to take a look each week!


At the end of the day, the player has to be willing to put the time in, but I truly believe that as coaches we can have a lot of sway on their level of effort or enthusiasm.  Talk it up, track them and give shout outs, hold zoom meetings to give them a chance to talk about their successes, keep the parents in the loop.  If you are still running into “crickets” after all that, let me know.


Again, if you need help setting up your team in Techne, please email me. 


Thanks for all that you do!