Tryout FAQ

What happens at tryouts?

During each tryout session, players will demonstrate their individual and team skills, technical knowledge of soccer, energy, and attitude in activities such as drills and/or full-sided scrimmages before an evaluation team of trained coaches. 

What age group should my player try out for? 

Please note that NSC is adhering to the new USSF guidelines related to birth year play. Please see the age chart below. If you have any questions, please contact .

What should my player bring to tryouts?

Each player should bring water and a birth certificate or passport if they have not played for NSC previously.

Should my player plan to attend both tryout sessions? 

Yes. While exceptions can be made, it is recommended that players attend both tryout sessions to ensure that our coaches have ample opportunity to evaluate each player. If you can only make one of the sessions then be sure to let the registrar know at the check-in process so they can pass the information along to the coaches evaluating the sessions.

When do I find out if I have made a team?

After the tryout, it usually takes about 72 hours for the bib numbers to get posted on the results page, and if you have been selected then the coach should have reached out within this period. This length of time is because each team is only formed when all players accept a position on that team, and the tiered team system means that each team has to wait for the previous team to lock down their roster.

We can't attend tryout because of injury or vacation, what do we do?

NSC advise that you register for tryouts which will make any supplemental tryout process much simpler. Supplemental tryouts are held at the discretion of the coaches and depend on how well they fill their rosters. Returning players should contact your coach and let them know of your situation. For new players then you should contact NSC and express interest in any roster spaces available at your age group.

What can I expect in a typical NSC season if my child is selected for the team?

NSC teams begin practice in June and typically play in 2-3 tournaments during the summer. League play begins in September. NSC teams play in the North Puget Sound League Most NSC teams, including out new U10's will participate in NSC's own tournament over Thanksgiving weekend - The Cranberry Cup. Many teams also elect to participate in Washington Youth Soccer's Founder's Cup, a post-season state tournament that ends in Februrary.

For tryouts, players should:

  • Bring water. 
  • Arrive early.  Parking is limited at some locations and some age groups may have a lot of players.
  • Check the website ( before leaving to attend the tryout session.
  • Plan to attend both tryout sessions (if it is only possible to attend one, that is OK).
  • Bring a birth certificate or passport to the first tryout you attend, if you have not previously been an NSC rostered player.
For tryouts, players should not:
  • Wear current team or club affiliated clothing or uniforms during the tryouts including socks, shorts or jerseys. They may be asked to remove such items during the tryouts.
  • Pets.  Please do not bring your dog (or animals) to tryouts, practices, games unless they are specially trained guide dogs for the visually impaired.
  • Do not bring any personal soccer balls as we cannot guarantee their security


NSC Registration

The tryout fee is $20 and is non-refundable.

Below are details on registration for returning and new players, including some guidelines for returning players requesting a play-up.


·        New Player(s): This term encompasses all players not rostered to an NSC Team during the previous regular season; including (but not limited to) players who only participated in pre/post-season play, used a player pass and/or guest played with an NSC Team.

·        NSC Player(s): This term encompasses all players rostered to an NSC Team during the previous regular season.

New Players:

·        New Players must register for their birth year. NO EXCEPTIONS.

NSC Players:

·        All returning NSC Players must register for their birth year. The only exception to this is returning NSC Players who played up the previous season on an NSC team [please read the three options].

o   Options for NSC Players who played up the previous season:

1.     Try-out exclusively for the birth year of the team they were registered to the previous season. (recommended)

2.     Choose to try-out for both the birth year of the team they were registered on in that previous season and their regular birth year.  By selecting this option the NSC Player would a) forgo their previous play-up status, b) automatically released from their previously rostered NSC team, and c) be subject to the NSC process for play-ups.

3.     Choose to try-out only for their birth year however if they do so, NSC Player would forgo their previous play-up status and automatically be released from their previously rostered NSC team.


Skill Based Play up Requests:

·        All Players (NSC and New) who wish to request tryout as a skill based play-up must first register and tryout for their birth year and then attend the tryout session of the year older team. All Play-up requests will be reviewed in accordance with the current NSC process for play-ups. Players (NSC and New) that knowingly or unknowingly neglect to follow NSC guidelines and processes will be considered ineligible for play-up status.


Note: All Players (NSC and New) must tryout and receive a new roster spot each season. No player is guaranteed a roster spot.. 


  1. Skill based play- ups are not allowed for U10 players.
  2. The NSC Executive Team reserves the right to make final decisions regarding final approval of all play-up requests. 
  3. In order to qualify for a skill based play up within NSC,  players must accomplish the following: ?
    • Be capable of being a starting player on the A/Green team of the older birth year age group
    • Score in the top percentile of their current birth year age group. 


NSC's age guidelines have changed and follow USSF's newly mandated birth year age calendar. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child attends the correct tryout for the correct age. 

US Youth Soccer Age Chart by Seasonal Year

  Birth Year     2019-2020     2020-2021     2021-2022     2022-2023  
2013     U-10
2012   U-10 U-11
2011 U-10 U-11 U-12
2010 U-10 U-11 U-12 U-13
2009 U-11 U-12 U-13 U-14
2008 U-12 U-13 U-14 U-15
2007 U-13 U-14 U-15 U-16
2006 U-14 U-15 U-16 U-17
2005 U-15 U-16 U-17 U-18
2004 U-16 U-17 U-18 U-19
2003 U-17 U-18 U-19  
2002 U-18 U-19    
2001 U-19