Why NSC ?

Why NSC ?



Why choose NSC? Here are just a few reasons....

Competetive league play and tournaments

'Select Soccer' offers participation in a competitive North Puget Sound League (NPSL) after summer tournaments and before post season State Cup. NPSL spring league are also available for players that want more soccer. Generally 'Select Soccer' allows the athlete to play in multiple sports at a high level; which attracts many strong athletes to the program. NSC has had very successful league play across all divisions and several age groups have advanced and won State Cup.

Coaches who just love the game

NSC offers high quality licensed coaching and numerous resources for its teams. NSC boasts one of the lowest fees in the region due to the fact that all staff are volunteers who are passionate about the game and want to share their passion and knowledge. 


NSC’s Registration fee includes player development opportunities for all players as well as access to a hired goal keeper coach. Specifically for players U10 through U12, there is a one week technical soccer camp offered in July through one.soccer. Teams U13 and older are able to experience opportunities outside of field training including TOCA, overnight camp at Western Washington University, and speed agility and strength training.